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BrainBlast Games
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Founded in 2010 by Rube Rubenstein and Victor Radar, BrainBlast Games is an indie mobile game studio dedicated to creating truly unique gaming experiences. BrainBlast Games’ philosophical DNA is a combination of hard work, passion for video games, creative freedom and a commitment to developing fun games that defy the status quo.


Maintaining Ron’s sanity is of the utmost importance in Curio, the endless runner that quite literally turns the genre on its head.


Gizmo must protect his yard from the evil underground animals in Pug Hop Mole Bop.


Your determination, patience and ability to maintain a zen mind-state are king in Shock Hop!


Cyrus is under attack from all directions by the Bubble Bullies! Pop to protect!


Prepare to form creative and meaningful connections with people from around the globe with Shaped.